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Fire Rated Glass Door

start from HK$6,500*

Thinking Fire Rated Glass Door use a new type of hard inorganic and transparent fireproof glue with German technology. The fireproof glue can absorb the heat and form an opaque glue sheet to isolate the spread of flames, smoke and toxic gases.

*BS476 1 hour fire resistant period single leaf door, frame size within 900 x 2100 x 100mm, oil paint facing (Supply only)



  Door Cladding

type1 Stainless Steel

type2 Stainless Steel

type3 Stainless Steel

type4 Stainless Steel

type5 Stainless Steel


component 1

component 2

component 3

component 4

component 5

component 6

component 7

component 8

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